God’s Sabbath, (Part 2)


      God’s Sabbath, part one, says that Christ became our Sabbath. How could that have happened when there was a seventh day Sabbath in existence, Genesis 2:2-3.        As we read in part one, man, male and female, were created on the sixth day and were brought in on the seventh … Continued

God’s Sabbath


During Jesus ministry, there were many who erred in knowing the Scriptures so He would ask the question, “have ye not read?” Matthew 12:5, 19:4; Mark 2:25, 12:26. His instructions were also not to add or take away any intent or meaning of the scriptures, Deuteronomy 4:2, 12:32; Revelation 22:18-19. There has always been a … Continued

Where Did The Races Come From?


The question has been  asked by many only to find the answer to be unsuitable for those who need a common sense answer. Yet the reality is that we can see that there are different races in the world, distinguished by skin color. Some say that all the people of the world came from Adam … Continued

To Build a Wall or Not to Build a Wall?


What would Jesus Do? To answer the question, “what would Jesus do,” concerning a wall, we would first need to have the mind of Jesus as the scriptures say. We can look around the world and among other nations and see who are the people who are governed by rules and regulations. Some nations are … Continued

The World That Then Was


When we examine the history of mankind, we see all the benchmarks to record his story and are identified by dates of wars, broken treaties, and alliances. Why is there so much turmoil, division and mistrust? Contracts between nations, among the states, and people need to be scrutinized before entering into any agreement. What are … Continued

God Needs Food (part one)


Many Christians have it in their heart to glorify God, sing praises to Him, and to exalt Him to the highest. All that is good and noble, but God might express His opinion of these noble acts differently. He might say that He is hungry for food and that we need to feed him. That … Continued

The New Wine VS. the Old Wine


We read: Luke 5:39, “No man having drunk old wine straightway desireth new: for he saith,” ‘The old is better’. One of the first miracles performed in the New Testament was performed at a marriage feast in Canna of Galilee. Jesus was there along with His disciples. When the wine ran out, the mother of … Continued

A Christian’s Fishing Net


Why didn’t Jesus Christ, who was a minister of the Gospel go into the temple and be joined to the existing ministry and priests officiating to the people? Instead, Jesus went to the Sea of Galilee and the first men He commanded to follow Him were fishermen.    Matthew 4:18,  And when Jesus walking by the … Continued



The name Jerusalem, as a city, has had its highs and lows from almost the beginning of man’s history. What is it about Jerusalem that makes many want to live in it, own it, or conquer it? After all, isn’t Jerusalem the same as any other city? Evidently not! Not as far as God is … Continued