The Progression of the Passover Into The Lord’s Table


When we examine the Passover found in Exodus twelve, we see the blood on the doorposts, the lamb, the Israelites feasting on the lamb all night, and finally allowing the people to exit Egypt at the break of dawn. We see the death of the lamb in type, Jesus Christ, but nothing of a resurrection. … Continued

The Fourth Commandment? Our Sabbath, (part 2)


We read of God creating the Sabbath on the seventh day, Genesis 2:3. When we examine the creation days we know that man was created as males and females on the sixth day, Genesis 1:26. Those who were created on the sixth day immediately entered into God’s rest. It was God’s 7th day but it … Continued

Kenites, Those Who Say They Are Jews And Are Not (part2)


Our 1st post ended saying, Cain is not mentioned in Genesis 5 along with the generations of Adam. If Cain isn’t mentioned in Adam’s generation in chapter 5 of Genesis we would need a second witness to verify Cain’s generations, Matthew 18:16 ; 2nd Corinthians 13:1. Yes, there is a 2nd witness and its found … Continued

Law VS Grace


There has been much controversy by the followers of the Christian Religion in keeping God’s laws with our own effort and understanding or allowing God to lead us to keep his laws and using the term, “Under Grace” because today, men as well as women, have entered into a new beginning and are made up … Continued

Where Are You in God’s Creation?


We have heard or have read that all men and women have a reason why they were born. Many say that we were born to have a relationship with God. That is true, but in what way are we to have a relationship with the great God of the universe? Well, the story is beyond … Continued

Keep My Sabbaths


Down through the ages, it seems that men have never understood the meaning and purpose of God’s Sabbaths, which He calls His feasts, Deuternomy 23:2. Some say that God’s Sabbath is on the seventh day of the week, Saturday. Others say it is on the first day of the week, a Sunday. Others believe that … Continued

The Seventh Day Sabbath, Is It Ancient History?


        This article will explain in detail why God’s Sabbath, created  on the seventh day, has been held in abeyance, or suspended temporary, until its purpose. will benefit mankind as God intendented. We are told in scriptures that God worked six days, creating all of man’s physical needs, and on the sixth … Continued

Outline of the Law Given to Ancient Israel


The laws given to ancient Israel were of two types, moral laws as well as ritual laws. Some laws were temporary and were used in the Old Testament until the reality of the types and shadows appeared in the New Testament. The seventh day Sabbath which we read about in Genesis chapter two was not … Continued

The Strong woman


We have written on this site a topic,”The strong man,” but what is there to learn of a strong woman? Does the Bible ,”the Word of God” address such a woman? Yes, it does. There is not an issue in life that the council of God doesn’t address.  Isaiah 9:6, “For unto us a Child … Continued