Heavenly Host, ( part 2)


Many have wondered what this life is all about? Is there a purpose why we live in a universe seemingly all alone? All the other Planets in our universe are empty and are devoid of life. Only the earth has life and is suitable for men’s life upon it. The answers to these questions can … Continued

Heavenly Host. ( part 1)


A scripture which is hardly ever considered and avoided to explain in layman’s terms is an understanding of Genesis 2:1.       Genesis 2:1, Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of them. Most people are not interested in the subject of the heavenly host. They are more interested … Continued

The Elect


The Bible at times speaks about the “Elect”. Who are the elect? We will never understand what Jesus says to His disciples concerning the elect, without examining the scriptures closely. Many of God’s people have not known or heard that each person has two bodies, a natural body as well as a spiritual body, 1st Corinthians … Continued

Albert Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award


       A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favor rather than silver and gold: Proverbs 22:1 We would like to thank the Marquis Organization and Who’s Who in America for the 2018 addition of our biographies and our inclusion in “Albert Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award”.

Jesus, The Carpenter


When we think of the name Jesus, our thoughts are usually focused on Jesus as the Son of God, Jesus as our savior, as a teacher, or Rabbi and many other thoughts would come to mind. However, how many of us think of Jesus as a carpenter? Matthew 13:55, “Is not This the carpenters son? Is … Continued

Simplicity 0f Christ,( Part 1)


When we consider the entire world and our little portion of the world called our household, we can’t help but wonder why is mans history so complex? Divisions, differences, and options are like a cancer that has no cure. Yet, we read: 2nd Corinthians 11:3, “But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent … Continued

Counting Pentecost (Feast of Weeks)


All of God’s Feast days listed in Leviticus 23 are set on fixed days of the week, only the Feast of Pentecost requires us to count.         Leviticus 23:15, “And ye shall count unto you from the morrow after the Sabbath from the day that ye brought the sheaf of the wave … Continued

The Passover/Communion, a Christians Journey


Most Christians are not aware that those who are teaching that the word Easter, as read in some Bibles, is a mistranslation of the word pacha meaning Passover and should not have been inserted in the Holy Scriptures. Yet many of those who are teaching the Word, neglect to tell their congregation this important fact, … Continued

Simplicity of Christ (Part 2)


We witness in the world many opinions, teachings, and philosophical views that build a foundation of different denominational church’s with different name signs over their doors.  Shouldn’t these be in agreement rather than divided. It must be that the spiritual God given teaching is a very complicated issue among the masses of people. Yet, the … Continued

Man With A Womb (Wom(b)an)


We hear or read in the news that there is a question of what the gender is of an individual at birth. Some people say that the preference should be made by the parents of the child or by the child himself or herself, disregarding the physical characteristics of the child. This gender question is … Continued