Raul Azpiazu


Raul Azpiazu Gospel

Raul Azpiazu is a unique and versatile artist whose distinguished singing career includes performances at the White House and Windsor Castle in England. He is the son of DON AZPIAZU, a renowned pioneer of Latin American music throughout the world. In the “New Era of Tango,” Raul Azpiazu and arranger Horacio Diaz revive the romantic … Continued

Jack Carroll


Brief History on Jack Carroll Jack Carroll sings on tracks John 3:16 and The Good News. A long respected commercial favorite, Jack Carroll’s mellow voice has been heard singing the praises of Ballantine and Anheuser Busch Beer. If you’ve felt the urge to fly Northeast Airlines or run right out and buy a Kodak camera, … Continued

Lytrell Stevenson


Lytrell Stevenson

Brief History on Lytrell Stevenson Lytrell sings on the track “The Rescue” Lytrell was born on January 12, 1984 in New Brunswick, NJ to parents Jacqueline L. Stevenson (Harrison) and Michael A. Stevenson. Her mother Jacqueline Stevenson was a member of the Original Harrison Sisters singing group which was a gospel group comprised of she … Continued

Learn To Love Again


Sung by Bernie Knee Music Marcello J. Garzillo Lyrics Grace Garzillo Conducted by Fred Barovic   Love is without a doubt the strongest emotion there is, but what is love and where does it come from? How can a person not confuse love with need? These are difficult questions but if we  search honestly, the answers will … Continued

Live For Tomorrow Today


  Sung by Bernie Knee Music-Marcello j Garzillo Lyrics- Grace Garzillo Live For Tomorrow Today We Will be Shaken Out of Our Slumber                Many of us may not have realized it but we were all in a spirit of slumber. When we come to understand the love God … Continued

Oh Israel My Son


 sung by Bernie Knee Marcello J Garzillo Oh Israel My Son The name Israel is an intriguing modern day identity to a people who claim this name as their own. There would be no name Israel if the name were not mentioned in the Scriptures. We need to examine this name as it is disclosed … Continued

Horse and Rider, (Moses Song Exodus 15)


“Horse And Rider”, Lyrics adapted from Exodus 15 by Grace Garzillo sang by Bernie Knee Music Marcello J. Garzillo       The Exodus of old is a song of joy with much meaning. It was only for God’s love and compassion for His children that the Exodus occurred. It took the miraculous power that … Continued

John 3:16


At Peace With The Good News Thumbnail

                                           Sung by Jack (Jidge) Carroll Music Marcello J. Garzillo Lyrics by A. Grace Garzillo / Marcello J Garzillo    The Apostle John, through divine inspiration, has given us what some call “the Golden Text,” written to those who believe that there is more to life than we had ever considered. The verse in John … Continued

Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream


Taken from Daniel chapter Two (Struggle between the flesh and the Spirit)   Written and performed by, Marcello J Garzillo When we open the Book of Daniel we see Nebuchadnezzar King of Babylon, has besieged Jerusalem and only four youths, Daniel and his three friends,  are representing God’s accomplishments, from the time of the covenant … Continued