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21st Century, Robbing God, Baal Worship and Influences

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A Contrast Between Psalm One And Psalm Two Concerning Law, Man’s Concept, Vs Grace, God’s Concept

A Message to all Seventh Day and Sunday Sabbath Keepers

An Interpretation of the Exodus

Are You in a Tent or a Camp?

Babylon vs Jerusalem

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Christmas – A Time To Be Joyful

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Goliath (Our Ego)

Heavenly Host, ( part 2)

Heavenly Host. ( part 1)

Horse and Rider, (Moses Song Exodus 15)

How Did Christ Defeat Satan, that is, Death ?


Jesus, The Carpenter

John 3:16

Keep My Sabbaths

Latter Rain

Learn To Love Again

Life and Have it More Abundantly Part 1

Life and Have it More Abundantly Part 2

Live For Tomorrow Today

Man With A Womb (Wom(b)an)

Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream

Nicodemus and the Apostle Paul (Two extremes of the Nature of the Tree of Good and Evil)

Oh Israel My Son

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Outline of the Law Given to Ancient Israel

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Remembering The Sabbath Day (Part 1)

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Sabbath Day

Simplicity 0f Christ,( Part 1)

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Sixth Day or Eighth Day Creation?

The Case Against The Flesh

The Church, as a Woman, Composed of Men as Well as Women

The Elect

The Folds And the Flock (Christ’s Sheep)

The Good News Part 1

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The Israel Of God – All Israel Will be Saved

The Lords Passover

The Middle East / Nation Called Israel/ And It’s Present Turmoil

The Nation of Israel

The New Wine VS. the Old Wine

The Parable of The Blind Man ( Jesus Exposes The Folly of Religion)

The Passover/Communion, a Christians Journey

The Perfect Law of Liberty

The Rescue

The Seventh Day Sabbath, Is It Ancient History?

The Strong Man

The Strong woman

The Ten Virgins

The Transfiguration

The Two Functions of Christ

The Twofold Signifcance of Mount Horeb, the Mountain of God, (part 2)

The Twofold Significance of Mount Horeb, The Mountain of God

The Wise Men, and The Star, Then And Now

The World That Then Was

To Build a Wall or Not to Build a Wall?

To Eat Or Not To Eat (part 1)

To Eat or Not to Eat (part 2)

Two Keys, Two Dispenses of God’s Spirit, And Two Types of God’s Churches

Understanding Marriage

Understanding Marriage (part 2)

Where Did The Races Come From?

Who is the First Savior to Arrive in Your Life? (part 2)

Who is the First Saviour to Arrive in Your Life?

Why Did Christ’s Death Need to be Done By Way of a Brutal Crucifixion?

Why is it that God Hated Esau?

Keep My Sabbaths


Down through the ages, it seems that men have never understood the meaning and purpose of God’s Sabbaths, which He calls His feasts, Deuternomy 23:2. Some say that God’s Sabbath is on the seventh day of the week, Saturday. Others say it is on the first day of the week, a Sunday. Others believe that … Continued

The Seventh Day Sabbath, Is It Ancient History?


        This article will explain in detail why God’s Sabbath, created  on the seventh day, has been held in abeyance, or suspended temporary, until its purpose. will benefit mankind as God intendented. We are told in scriptures that God worked six days, creating all of man’s physical needs, and on the sixth … Continued

Outline of the Law Given to Ancient Israel


The laws given to ancient Israel were of two types, moral laws as well as ritual laws. Some laws were temporary and were used in the Old Testament until the reality of the types and shadows appeared in the New Testament. The seventh day Sabbath which we read about in Genesis chapter two was not … Continued

The Strong woman


We have written on this site a topic,”The strong man,” but what is there to learn of a strong woman? Does the Bible ,”the Word of God” address such a woman? Yes, it does. There is not an issue in life that the council of God doesn’t address.  Isaiah 9:6, “For unto us a Child … Continued

21st Century, Robbing God, Baal Worship and Influences


In the last Book fo the Old Testament God has a complaint addressed against His Levitical Priesthood and it may as well be a complaint against modern teachers as well. Malachi 3:8, “Will a man rob God?” That question could be asked today, or it could be asked also, do we know the difference between … Continued

Understanding Marriage (part 2)


What is marriage and what is the purpose of marriage? In the Book of Genesis we read: Genesis 2:18, And the Lord God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone: I will make him a help meet for him.” God looked at everything that He had created and He is telling us that … Continued

Understanding Marriage


We live at a time when we see the disintegration of marriage. It wasn’t always this way. There was a time when marriage, without any doubt, consisted of a relationship between a man and a woman. Man’s ideas about marriage can go in all kinds of directions, so, in this article I would like to … Continued

Who is the First Savior to Arrive in Your Life? (part 2)


In part one it was stated that the false Christ is the first savior to arrive in our lives. And his number is six hundred three score and six, 666, Revelation 13:18. This false savior is described in the sixth seal, Revelation 6:2; sixth trump, Revelation 9:14; sixth vile, Revelation 16:12. Christ doesn’t return until … Continued

Who is the First Saviour to Arrive in Your Life?


We all put our faith and trust in Jesus Christ but who is it that arrives on the scene as our Lord and Saviour first in our lives? Is it really Jesus Christ or one who takes the place of Christ, an imposter? Even as a babe in Christ, we are told that we, for … Continued

Heavenly Host, ( part 2)


Many have wondered what this life is all about? Is there a purpose why we live in a universe seemingly all alone? All the other Planets in our universe are empty and are devoid of life. Only the earth has life and is suitable for men’s life upon it. The answers to these questions can … Continued