Church of God


               Amanda Homi
Music -lyrics by Marcello J Garzillo


          Church Of God

There are many churches who are called God’s Church, so how do you know what churches are raised up by God and those who are not. God’s church, the many member body of Christ, are those who claim His promises.

God’s Promises Remembered

We are given a challenge or asked by God to claim His promises.

Isaiah 43:26,  “Put Me in remembrance: let us plead together: declare thou, that thou mayest be justified.”   

It isn’t often that God gives us an invitation to remind Him of His promises. God knows what promises He has made, He is just checking to see if we have done our homework and are justified to claim His promises. To claim His promises, we need to talk to him, reason with him, so He will know that we have absorbed His Word, the Bible, and may be qualified to rightly inherit his promises.

God’s first promise came after Adam and Eve disqualified themselves in the Garden of Eden. The Tree of Life was closed to them, and they were put out of the garden.

 Genesis 3:15,  “And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her Seed: It shall bruise thy head, and thou shall bruise His heel.”

The woman’s Seed is the promise of a new beginning, to repair the damage that was accomplished by Satan, God’s adversary, in the Garden of Eden. Her Seed would be the promise of a Savior, Jesus who became the Christ, meaning God’s anointed, who would bruise Satan’s head, Hebrews 2:14, and Satan would bruise Jesus at the cross, Luke 23:46, never understanding that Jesus was also the resurrection, John 11:25, meaning, men could kill His flesh body, but never be able to touch His Spirit. He was just the same as we are, when we die, our flesh returns to the ground and our spirit returns to God, Ecclesiastes 12:7

The promise of Christ and His coming is a beautiful thing. Moses wrote about His coming.

Deuteronomy 18:15, “The Lord thy God will raise up unto thee a Prophet from the midst of thee, and of thy brethren, like unto me; unto Him shall ye hearken;” 16 “According to all that thy desiredst of the Lord thy God in Horeb in the day of the assembly, saying, Let me not hear the voice of the Lord thy God, neither let me see this great fire anymore, that I die not.”

When the people heard God speak to them, it frightened them. They never experienced the supernatural before. We would have had the same reaction.

Moses says that God will send someone just like him, someone in a flesh body, who will be raised up, taking away fear and hopelessness from the people, instead  instill love and compassion toward the people.

 Deuteronomy 18:18, “I will raise them up a Prophet from among their brethren, like unto thee, and will put My words in His mouth; and He shall speak unto them all that I shall command Him.” 19 “and it shall come to pass, that whoever will not hearken unto My words which He shall speak in My name, I will require it of him.

We read of Moses words coming to past in the Book of Isaiah.

    Isaiah 7:14, “Therefore the Lord Himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call His name Immanuel.”

The name Immanuel means God with us. He was born of flesh and blood which men could see, but scripture say that there is a spirit in man  which men couldn’t see. The Spirit within Him was the Spirit of His Father. Jesus revealed the Spirit of His Father often, John 10:30, 10:38; 14:10.

The voice heard by the people on Mount Sinai was a voice greatly subdued through the teaching of Jesus. His appearing to His disciples was as a friend to lead by a different spirit than the spirit that is in the world. According to the Sermon on the Mount recorded in the Book of Matthew, chapter 5 through 7, we read of the gentleness and love He had for all people. He showed us a new and living way, Hebrews 10:20, the way of salvation, acts 16:17, the way of peace, Romans 3:17, and so on.

We read in Genesis the 1st chapter how man was created male and female on the sixth day. All these were created in an outward way, looking like God in appearance. What was lacking was their being filled inwardly as food, as the Tree of Life indicates.

Jesus Christ became our food, bringing all of God’s Divine attributes within us. He became our food and drink  by us believing what He taught. By comparing John 6 verse 47 and 48 with verses 53 and 54, we see that believing on Christ is exactly like eating and drinking Him. His teaching fills us inwardly with His Divine Life. This is how He became our rest, Matthew 11:28. He made available His Holy Spirit to comfort us, John 14:16, and promised to never leave us or forsake us, Hebrews 13:5. What Moses and the law couldn’t do, He did. He raised the letter of the law to a higher standard, to the spirit of the law adding loving one another and the forgiving one another. These the law could not do, 2nd Corinthians 3:6. There is no other name under heaven in which men can be saved, Acts 4:12. The Book of Revelation tells us that He is the Word of God, Revelation 19:13.

December 25th

How many know that the most important aspect of December 25th is the planting of the Seed that was promised and spoken of by God in the Garden of Eden? Men have dumped a lot of ideas on that date, but the one reality was a virgin and her conception. Many know that the birth of Jesus is in the month of September and never consider Jesus as a Seed implanted, nine months earlier within a virgin as a new beginning for her as well as all humanity. This date, December 25th is the first time God actually dwelt with man.

The Word of God is written to all men, but all men are not drawn to Him yet. Not all men believe the Gospel. Jesus became the promised seed and was the first promise given by God to all believers.


God loves all of His children but there are many who don’t have a heart for Him. We were created in His image outwardly, and from the very beginning we needed to be filled inwardly with His Life, represented by the Tree of Life, that was in the Garden. Jesus Christ came as the Tree of Life in His ministry, John 10:10; Revelation 22:2.

Someone could say, how could God be interested in me, I’m a nobody? That statement is not true. We were all created for a purpose. That’s the reason we each have a different DNA from anyone else, and our fingerprints are all different from one another, showing us that we are all specially created by God for His pleasure, Revelation 4:11. God wants to tabernacle with us, Revelation 21:3. He wants us to learn a new way of life and believe in Him. Only then, will we be at peace with ourselves and with others.

For God is love, 1st John 4:8.