Horse and Rider, (Moses Song Exodus 15)


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“Horse And Rider”,

Lyrics adapted from Exodus 15 by Grace Garzillo

sang by Bernie Knee

Music Marcello J. Garzillo




The Exodus of old is a song of joy with much meaning. It was only for God’s love and compassion for His children that the Exodus occurred. It took the miraculous power that can only come from our heavenly Father to deliver His people from Egypt (a type of world bondage) and become their savior. It is only natural for parents to have love and compassion for their children: how much more is it for our Father who is supernatural to do things much more natural for His children than we ever could.
Is there an Exodus for us today? The event Moses sings was a type of deliverance of old and a type of event that could happen to us, even on an individual basis. Many are waking up to the fact that the wheels of everything that is opposed to the Divine purpose are coming off society’s chariots just as they did during Moses’s day.

Many today follow the traditions and imaginations of men that will lead us into error and confusion.

        Proverbs 14:12, There is a way which seems right to a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.

We need our Father’s teachings and inspiration that comes from what is called His Word, the Bible. When the nation of Israel was delivered by God’s mighty hand and saw that the army of Pharaoh was destroyed and drowned in the sea they couldn’t help but rejoice. It wasn’t long after their rescue that they started murmuring and rebelled against our heavenly Father. Scripture tells us that their actions led them right back into captivity and confusion because they didn’t have a willing heart to follow His lead.
Our Father had to deliver His people because He loved them. The first time was from ignorance but the second time will be from rebelling against Him and His prophets.
We can experience the joy that Israel of old felt and the warmth and comfort we can receive, not only for ourselves but for our family and community also.