In The Beginning(s ? )


  Genesis 1:1, In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. And in the Gospel of John we read: John1:1, In the beginning was the the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. Does scripture say that there are two beginnings? No, there is only one beginning, Genesis … Continued

Feeding or Teaching?


After Jesus death and resurrection, He asks Peter three times if Peter loved Him. Of course Peter says yes that He did love Jesus. Jesus replied to him three times, feed My sheep, feed My lambs, John 21:15-17. As the true Shepherd, Jesus was concerned for the care of His sheep and lambs. Jesus was … Continued

John 3:16, An Amendment to the Word Begotten


In the song, John 3:16, the phrase first begotten son is used and before anyone  finds fault with the phrase, an understanding must be cleared up. In eternity, Jesus had no need to be a begotten son of God. He was a part of the Godhead already in His divinity. It is true that Jesus … Continued

One Accord


The words “one accord” are a direct result of those who say that they are commandments keepers and hold precious the first commandment.  Exodus 20:1-3, And God spoke all these words saying, “I am the Lord thy God, Which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, and out of the house of bondage. … Continued

A Christian’s Understanding of the Passover VS Easter


When I was younger, I regarded Easter as a religious holiday. Then I was called into a church where I had to considered dropping Easter and to keep the Passover. I had to determined in my mind what was right and what God would expect me to do. The first thing that I had learned … Continued

The Progression of the Passover Into The Lord’s Table


When we examine the Passover found in Exodus twelve, we see the blood on the doorposts, the lamb, the Israelites feasting on the lamb all night, and finally allowing the people to exit Egypt at the break of dawn. We see the death of the lamb in type, Jesus Christ, but nothing of a resurrection. … Continued

The Fourth Commandment? Our Sabbath, (part 2)


We read of God creating the Sabbath on the seventh day, Genesis 2:3. When we examine the creation days we know that man was created as males and females on the sixth day, Genesis 1:26. Those who were created on the sixth day immediately entered into God’s rest. It was God’s 7th day but it … Continued

Kenites, Those Who Say They Are Jews And Are Not (part2)


Our 1st post ended saying, Cain is not mentioned in Genesis 5 along with the generations of Adam. If Cain isn’t mentioned in Adam’s generation in chapter 5 of Genesis we would need a second witness to verify Cain’s generations, Matthew 18:16 ; 2nd Corinthians 13:1. Yes, there is a 2nd witness and its found … Continued

Law VS Grace


There has been much controversy by the followers of the Christian Religion in keeping God’s laws with our own effort and understanding or allowing God to lead us to keep his laws and using the term, “Under Grace” because today, men as well as women, have entered into a new beginning and are made up … Continued